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Hub and Spoke (HandS)

Among the core activities in ECHO DEPository Phase I was repository evaluation, in which several open-source repository software applications were installed, configured, tested, and evaluated for insight into the real-world problems of archiving digital content.  A key outcome of HandS in Phase I was a set of software scripts and programs, known as the Hub and Spoke Framework Tool Suite, for facilitating interoperability between repositories.

More about the work accomplished in HandS may be accessed through the following publications:
In ECHO DEPository Phase II, besides maintaining functionality of the framework and updating to the versions of software then being implemented, HandS expanded its framework to include two more repository software applications - namely, Fedora Open Source Repository Software and SWORD (Simple Web-Service Offering Repository Deposit)

At the end of Phase II our releases included:
  • a new version of production-ready HandS software
  • a release of a new Fedora implementation
  • a release of a new SWORD implementation
  • a release of a revised METS profile