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Legal Issues

Besek, June M. Copyright issues relevant to the creation of a digital archive: a preliminary assessment. Council on Library and Information Resources and the Library of Congress, 2003.
http:// www.clir.org/pubs/reports/pub112/contents.html
This overview sponsored by the National Digital Information and Infrastructure Preservation Project describes the copyright issues involved in the creation of a non-profit digital archive. The paper provides basic information about copyright law for developers of digital archives and suggests areas for future research.

Hirtle, Peter. Digital Preservation and Copyright. Standford University Libraries, 2003 .
An overview of copyright issues for digital preservation, including fair use, web archiving and library preservation activities under current copyright law.

Minow, Mary. Library Digitization Projects and Copyright. LLRX.com, 2002.
An introduction and overview of the issues related to the digitalization of library materials and copyrights. Includes a discussion of libraries' rights to conduct preservation activities under Section 108 of the copyright law.

Copyright and Licensing for Digital Preservation (CLDP) (Loughborough University)
A project of Loughborough University and funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), UK, the aim of the Copyright and Licensing for Digital Preservation (CLDP) research project is to "investigate whether copyright legislation and licensed access to digital content threaten the ability of libraries to provide long-term access to that content and to suggest ways in which the problems can be overcome."

Copyright (Preserving Access to Digital Information (PADI))
Information on the international legal issues related to digital preservation and licensing of library collections.

United States Copyright Office
Information about current United States copyright law, legislation and court decisions. This site offers basic overviews of copyright law, and full text of copyright legislation that impacts digital preservation, such as the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DCMA).