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Repository Evaluation

The creation of digital repositories is in its infancy. The Illinois Library and the Graduate School of Library and Information Science will install and test instances of four or more major open-source digital object repositories (Fedora, DSpace, Greenstone, and ePrints) as well as the OCLC Digital Archive to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses with regard to
  • types and amounts of content;

  • different users and uses;

  • different administrative and technical environments;

  • interoperability, implementation of standards (such as OAIS and METS);

  • technical requirements.
In particular, the partners will test the compatibility of ingest and dissemination across repositories to determine if any incompatibilities stem from differences in implementation of standards such as OAIS and METS or from immaturity of standards development.

Repository installations will include a pseudo-production environment at the Illinois Library, incorporating a testbed of content donated by the ECHO DEPository content provider partners (Tufts University, Michigan State University Library, several sources at Illinois, consortium of state libraries), as well as an experimental environment at the Graduate School of Library and Information Science for conducting long-term preservation research.

It is anticipated that a significant outcome of the Illinois Library interoperability evaluation will be a suite of software scripts and programs, along with a general purpose architecture, for facilitating the interoperability of the tested repositories. These scripts and programs will be released under an open source license as part of the project deliverables.

Further resources

  • draft repository evaluation plan [forthcoming]