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California Digital Library

Lead institution: California Digital Library at the University of California.

Partners: New York University; University of North Texas, The Libraries; and the Texas Center for Digital Knowledge.

Collaborators: San Diego Supercomputer Center; Stanford University Computer Science Department and Sun Microsystems, Inc.; New York University's Tamiment Library; Stanford University Library's Social Sciences Resource Center; Arizona State Library and Archive; and the UC libraries, including the UCLA Online Campaign Literature Archive and UC Berkeley's Institute for Government Studies Library and Institute of Industrial Relations Library.

Subject: The award is for a project to develop Web archiving tools that will be used by libraries to capture, curate and preserve collections of Web-based government and political information. This literature is a critical element of our nation's heritage and is increasingly found exclusively online, putting it at greater risk of being lost. The collections will focus on local political activities and movements, such as the California gubernatorial recall election of 2003. The issue of digital preservation has become more important in recent years, especially for government information. More than 65 percent of all government publications are now posted directly online without a print counterpart. With the half-life of government Web pages at four months, much of this information is at risk of being permanently lost. The grant will support development of infrastructure and tools that libraries and other organizations will need to build collections of selected Web-based materials. (See: www.cdlib.org/programs/award_announcement_final_20040930.doc)